Video Splitting

I have been using my computer as a DVR to record TV shows and movies.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good software program I can use to cut out the commercials before I burn them on a DVD?


I have a similar issue. Just converted some old vcr tapes to DVD. It would’ve been nice in a few instances to take the MPEG files created by Plextor and snip some things out of them either before converting them to DVD format or afterwards. I’ve a ton of software—Ulead, NTI, InterVid, and none of them seem quite right for that unless I’m missing something.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Try videoReDo works great with this…

As mentioned, videoReDo is good (for mpg).
If they’re avi, use virtualdub.
Other mpeg editors include Cuttermaran, Womble mpegwizard and womble mpegvcr, tmpgenc mpeg editor, all the way up to Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio et al.

Thanks for the information. VideoReDo does work great. Just not sure if I am ready to pay $50.00 for something I may not use very often.

Yes it was you who pointed me to it on another forum works great shows you how word gets around…