Video Splitting Program

I have an mpeg file that is 768MB and it won’t fit onto a regular CD (650 MB or 700 MB). Is there a program or utility out there that I can use to split this file into 2 smaller files so it will fit onto 2 cds?

You can use TMPGenc. Go to for a complete how to.

if the MPEG-video and audio is VCD or SVCD compliant (352x240 @ 23.976/29.976 frames/sec or 352x288 @ 25 frames/sec for VCD, and 480x480 @ 23.976/29.976 frames/sec or 480x576 @ 25 frames/sec) you can burn the file with your burnprogram to a (S)VCD, and it will fit on a standard 700 Mb CD. Because of the different CD sector use for VCD, a 700 Mb (Super)Video CD can hold an MPEG-file of about 800 Mb.

Maybe you can use a 90min CDR (800MB?) If your writer supports this size, it may just help you out. That’s what I do when I got a movie that’s a little 2 large for a single disc… it’s easier then splitting up and it’ll save you the space in your CD rack or whatever!