Video \'smudging\' since ver

[qanda]This thread is about the Apple Ipod Classic 160GB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]AFTER version all DVD videos seem to ‘smudge’ when strong colours show and the sound sinc seems to be slightly off in other videos.
Any idea whats wrong ? Its all perfect with ver

Which profile are you using to convert the video? The release notes for the betas indicate that some/all of the codecs may have been updated which may cause an issue. An option is to check the settings to see if anything has changed - this can be a lot easier if you’ve got both and the latest beta that you can check out side-by-side.

Hi and thanks for replying.
I’m currently using the default as follows
Fixed Bitrate at 2500
480 x 236
No split
25 fps
Dolby Prologic II
and 108% volume increase

Don’t know anything about codec I’m afraid !

The codecs are internal to DVDFab and I agree with jdbower that the recent updates may be causing the problem. I am only puzzled that no one else has posted about it.

I also get the color smearing in the latest version when I convert DVD disks over to .mp4 files. It’s pretty nasty and it occurs in amost all the files

Video + audio
fixed bit rate of 1500

Here is an example

Which DVDFab profile was used to convert the movie that produced the image you posted?

ipod / iphone Mp4 compatable with the above mentioned tweaks

There are 4 or 5 profiles under iPod/iPhone. I need to know which one of those you are using so I can try it on my system. If you have enabled the new GPU acceleration in Common Settings, try turning it off.

GPU accelleration is not available to disable (it is not enabled)

Here are my settings

straight from the page

That is normally a good stable profile. I’ll try it and see what it does.

I am seeing the same thing, but only a few scenes, not through the entire video. See atached. I reported it to support.

yes same thing it pops in and out and is not through the entire video but it is frequent enough to make the video unusable and definately unenjoyable to watch.

using the m4v profile works but it’s over twice as long to encode…

45 mins for 1 cd (four 43min epidodes) versus 16 mins for the same thing.

Is there any word of a ‘fix’ for the smudging yet ?

There will not be a fix until a new version of DVDFab comes out. Watch for it in the main DVDFab forum.


Thanks for report this problem, I will try to fix it asap.

Thank you, Ting! We will watch the release notes for a cure.

Yes thanks from me as well.
Its a really great program and its a shame that this slight ‘glitch’ has spoiled it. I’m certain you will be able to fix it and get back to the 'perfect program’
Thanks again

[QUOTE=signals;2307947]There will not be a fix until a new version of DVDFab comes out. Watch for it in the main DVDFab forum.[/QUOTE]

lol this isn’t a small bug lol…

OK its not small BUT what would we do without DVD Fab ! and I have COMPLETE faith in Ting’s ability to resolve the issue quickly.
PS I’m chairman of the Ting Appreciation Society - all donations to Ting please.