Video size with mobilefab-generic

I have a D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player and started taking all my DVD’s and converting them to files using the generic option. The replay screen size different on my 16:9 screen for virtually every movie, no matter if it’s 4:3 or 16:9 (or wider). I’ve tried changing the settings on the D-Link player, with results as I would expect, i.e. if the player is set to 4:3 and I play a 16:9 movie, I get distorted people. If I set the player to 16:9, one of my wide screen movies has black bars on the top and bottom as I expect to see, but I also get black bars on the side of the picture too. I’m sure it’s a simple setting, but I can’t figure out which one.

Thank you!

This is something I like to know myself I have been having the same problem now there has to be a way around it to play all show/movie you convert full screen as the ones I download play full wide screen on my TV but when I do it myself off the dvd like you said I get the black bars too.

Anyone know how to fix this or does DVDfab not let us??

You may want to play around with the Crop settings in DVDFab, but before that I’d look at your TV and device settings. I’m not familiar with your particular device but there are a lot of ways to handle displaying video when there aren’t enough pixels in one direction or the other. I try to keep my TV and devices at “Normal” or “Full” - here it doesn’t try to stretch or crop anything. It’s possible that either your device, your TV, or both are causing the issue through a simple setting.

If not, you may want to use DVDFab’s crop settings to always convert at 16:9 or always at 4:3 and see if either of those settings gives you what you want. Note that this is pretty individual, I would rather see black bars and the entire frame than a larger cropped image that fills the screen but I know others who would rather have the reverse.

Another option is to use a profile for a similar device rather than the generic device, while you can emulate whatever settings you want in Generic mode often many of these variables would be the same for a device from the same manufacturer or even a competitor so it’s a better place to start.

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This is already being discussed in another thread. Please see my responses there, including this one:

Signals, thank you for the link, I searched and didn’t see it discussed.

I did find the solution for wide screen movies, in the X to mobile set up screen, there’s a box checked to crop. Uncheck that box, and wide screen comes out just fine. Don’t know what it will do for 4:3 movies with the box unchecked.

I’m glad you found a workaround. My comments were directed more to files being created from DVDs within DVDFab. I do not understand why the crop switch was causing that; it may have something to do with the nature of the original file you are working with.

If it makes a difference, this is the original DVD I was using as the source. backing up a 4:3 movie right now with the crop box unchecked.

The 4:3 movie with the crop box unchecked came out fine. That appears to be the ticket to getting the crop correct.

Happy that it worked for you. It almost sounds like the TV or player look for or need the black bars to see what to do with the display properties. ??