Video size larger than 720 x576

I’ve downloaded an .avi video clip OK, copied to memory stick OK, but my LG player / recorder says “can’t play - video size is larger than 720 x 576” - anyone had this problem and solved it?

Anything larger than 720 x 576 is going to be high definition. DVD players cannot playback high def video. You would need a blu ray player that can use avi files.

Or you can just convert it to dvd video using AVStoDVD. This will reduce the resolution and let you play it on a regular dvd player. Just make sure to set the output in AVStoDVD to match your country’s dvd standard—720 x 576 is PAL, 720 x 480 would be NTSC used in the US.

AVStoDVD is free to use and can be downloaded here:

Alternatively you could use an mediaplayer device like popcorn hour and such.