Video shows new Symbian interface



A demonstration video shows what the interface of Symbian could look like in a couple of years. The interface still strongly resembles that of the current generation models, like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the N97.


Did you say Symbian or Sybian? I wonder how would they change the interface?


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Lighten up, stop the personal attacks. You live in far too big of a glass house to make such a remark. There is a part of this forum that shows women wearing nothing but thongs (barely), and a piece of machinery bothers you? Two insults in one line. The net result is that you just alienated someone who used to look forward to engaging in conversation with you. For what? You could have sent me a p.m., I would have respected that, but since you didn’t, there is nothing left to be said. I won’t insult you. I have always tried to show you respect even when on many occasions you have not. Too bad. Your loss.

Funny that a guy would find that offensive. There are many women here who have posted many lewd comments and suggestions, I find no moral compass here that would indicate I have crossed any line. I also thought insulting other members was against the forums rules, but I guess that is subjectively applied and obeyed. (I have broken that rule and was advised of it and acted accordingly).