Video Sequence Header

I am using TMPGEnc DVD Authoring software. Whenever i try to author some of my files it gives an error message saying that a video sequence header is needed. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


If you are using tsunami to create an Mpeg2 you will have to go into the “setting” tab and then the “GOP structure” tab in this you will see the 4th box down is “output interval of sequence header” this must have a 1 in it also the next box down “MAX number of frames in GOP” for PAL the limit is 15 and for NTSC it’s 18 hope this helps.

Just thought I should make it a bit clearer I’m using TMPGEnc to encode and if your using the same program you can go into “load” which will bring up the template folder and then select either DVD(PAL).mcf or DVD(NTSC).mcf this will sort out your problem without having to set the sequence header or the GOP