Video screen capture programs

Is there a reasonably priced screen capture program that will allow me to capture a video from a web site that I am playing on my screen with QuickTime? That might be easier to do than having video files sent to me by e-mail. I have SnagIt installed but that just seems to capture the video of screen activity. It doesn’t seem to allow me to capture video that is being played on my screen with QuickTime from a web site. Several other screen programs I have seen seem to operate the same way - you can just capture screen activity and not actual video.
Richard Hirschman

from what i remember, if you have the pro version of quicktime installed, it’ll allow you to save the movie and allow screen capture as well.

Iirc, there is an app called hyper capture or hyper something.

Also I remember once using a software called Snag-It or something like that.

Don’t this belong to the general software forum ???

It does. -A

Hi Neonspyder,
Thanks for the advice.

another fun way to do this is to open the source code from the website in question, and see if you can find where the quicktime file is stored on their website. depending on how they serve video up, you may be able to find a direct link.

which is free :smiley:

Thanks to all who have responded - very helpful. I downloaded QuickTime Pro (video capture doesn’t work with the free version) and it works like a charm. I also have Snag It which just converts screen activity to a video file but not an actual video from a website. Sorry if I posted the original message in this thread in the wrong section.