Video renters always have an excuse when they return late

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              Ok, it's a little slow and this is a stretch  but, maybe we can share some funny stories. Maybe we are all guilty of procrastination when it comes  to going back to the...
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Wouldn’t it be funny if you returned a video and the store had burned down :g Do you think they’d waive the late fee when they re-opened? LOL!!
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Hell, in a couple states over from me, they had a guy rob the video store by smashing the window and hopping on it. He stole about 300 bucks worth of PS2 games. On his way out, however, he caught his leg on the broken glass and severed a major artery. He collapsed less than 2 blocks away and died before the ambulance could get to him. Imagine returning a video to find that mess!

That’s funny Web-Junkie :B Personally, one time, Blockbuster was trying to charge me for a $10 late fee because the idiot who supposed to check in returned video did not do so till 3 days later and then they had the nerve to ask me to pay the late fee. I told them to get stuffed and jump shiped to Video Ezy. Haven’t looked back since…

At least most places do not continue to rack upo late charges indefinitely. Like the person who was 30 days late used to have to pay the rate time 30 days which would buy the tape 3 times over.

Jim, that’s because Blockbuster was taken to court in a huge lawsuit on that one several years back, and lost. It was deemed that such charges are considered unfair, as it far exceeds the cost of the merchandise being rented.

I used to work for a certain popular rental chain :wink: and I always tell people, just return the movie in the drop box. Then, when you come back later to rent and they try to charge you late fees, just swear that you returned it on time. Don’t argue with the power hungry clerk, ask for the mgr. and BE NICE! They can’t charge you late fees unless they can legally prove you were late. That’s impossible, because they then have to prove that it wasn’t their error ie. employee didn’t check the drop box on time, didn’t scan it on time, took it home to watch it and brought it back the next day before scanning it, etc. And no one has a camera on every employee, every square inch of the store, at all times. They’ve been trying to lobby for more legal protection for a long time because of this burden of proof so they can enforce late fees with an iron fist. But they’ve been unsuccessful because even senators hate paying late fees LOL! It was a direct order from the top to NEVER argue with the customer about this because, if they contact the district mgr., not only would they get their fees waived, but they would get some free rentals for their trouble, and the store mgr. would get his/her butt chewed for not handling the situation! Keep in mind folks, the reason why some places are shortening the rental time and requiring you to bring the movie back by noon instead of closing time is to bring in more revenue from late fees. And they get A LOT of $$$ from late fees already. I haven’t paid late fees in years. :B