Video Redo Plus help

I have a sansui dvr which I have recorded a couple of movies. I have removed the commercials using the dvr itself but this proves to do it cleanly. That’s when I tried solviegMM Video splitter software which works amazingly. The problem is that I need to rip my movies to divX format which means that they lose quality. This is a problem because tv quality is very poor as compared to dvd quality. So what I wanted to find out is if there is a way of editing a dvd’s commercials without ripping to divX or using the dvr itself.

VideoReDo might work for you.

Someone on the forums suggested Video Redo Plus for editing commercials out of a movie recorded on a dvr. I tried using this software and it works great in the editing. The problem I have is what to do after completing the editing. I tried replacing the VOB files back on the dvd folder making it work but not very well especially in terms of navigation on the dvd player. I also tried joining the VOB files and using dvd creation software but that was using up most of my disc space(about 9 gig in temporary files before I got low on disc space message). Does anyone have any other suggestions?

So are you editing out these commercials from a DVD that you created from a DVR? So they’re in VOB format?

When cutting these commercials out, are you using the ‘Joiner’ option to compile a final version of the video, without the commercials?

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Yes the only files that open are the vob files of the video and I think the problem is that the when editing the vob files the .ifo file becomes affected as it can place the diffferent vob files after each other but the duration of the the movie is no longer the same.

VideoReDo will only ouput the VOB or a standard Mpeg2 file with no IFOs.
You would need to use something like Nero Vision Express in order to add the IFOs while proceeding to burn. Or a convertion program like ConvertXToDVD or 1ClickDVDMovie.

After reading the merged thread, I would say that you could also just use DVDShrinks ‘Start/End’ function in the Re-author mode to cut the commercials out of the DVD produced by the DVR. Only thing about that is that the Shrink output will have a slight pause at each cut point and you would be only able to jump forwards from each segment to segmant but never back to the previous one. But it will play like a complete DVD after its burned to disc and played on a DVD player…

Might be what you’re looking for to do.

BTW…There is a way to get rid of the pauses and to fix the segment/chapter jumping navigation using a certain process, but it has a little bit of a learning curve. Let me know if the Shrink option worked for you and you’d like to try the correcting process I just mentioned.

Just to give back some feedback. I tried the xtodvdConvertor software and it works very well as compared to Xilisoft DVD creator which I was using before. I firstly combined all the .vob files into a single mpg file using video redo plus then used the software to convert.

Thanks for your help