Video Question

when you’re selecting what video streams to copy I’ve noticed some movies have the one big chunk that is usually the movie, but has like 5-10 little 1 minute or so secions that appear to be random segments of the movie

Do I need to select these streams as well, or what are these really? if I just copy the main one will it not have the smaller streams? is this some kind of copy protection?

The particular movie in question is From Hell, but I’ve noticed it on more than one

Another question is most of the time my dvd’s can be viewed in my dvd player (no menu’s ever copied, same speeds, etc) but some movies just won’t copy and play correctly. I don’t get an error message, but I’ve noticed the ones that aren’t going to play right when the video preview when it’s writing the dvd files is finished and it prompts me to put in the dvd media, it is not on the end titles, but rather a part of the movie

if it finishes on the titles, it’s ok to view, if not the dvd won’t view in my player