Video Question Nero 7

i just downloaded a bunch of old tv shows and i want to burn them for playback on my dvd player, but i want to get an understanding of something before i invest all the time into burning

i tried making a dvd movie years ago with nero 6, and when i played it back in my dvd player i found that i could not fast forward thru the scene, i could only skip to the next.

Now im using the newest Nero, Nero 7 enhanced for Vista, Does this program allow for fast forwarding, if so, how do i enable tha function before i burn? tia

That depends always on the source or when you transcode it on the way of transcoding/setting the markers and frames in the transcoded target content/file.

Nothing really changed since the old days with VCD and SVCD.


how can i go about transcoding it so that i will be able to scan? the files are in avi format

I have made movies (home and copies), and both have been able to fast forward, and even the ones I didn’t create chapter markers for, were able to skip ahead in chunks (but there may have been an option set which I’m not aware of). But I don’t user Nero. Nero is not the encoder of choice when it comes to quality video. In my opinion it is about on par with Windows Movie Maker, only with a cd burning option. It depends on what you want. If you just want to make and mess with movies on a limited basis, Nero is probably fine. If you want to set chapter marks, make menus, edit video, add/edit/delete tracks, you need to look at things like Ulead Studio 10, Adobe Premiere Elements, or Vegas Movie Studio. There are even quite a few free softwares which I would put above Nero.

As for your problem with fast forwarding, it could be your media, your dvd player, or how you encoded it. First try encoding your movie with something other than Nero. If that doesn’t change anything, try setting chapter markers. You need to use a process of elimination to figure out a lot of the video type problems. There are usually quite a few variables.

thanks, i guess ill try it out and see if it works this time around. also gonna check out ulead movie factory 6 and media studio pro 8

Both of the programs you are looking at should be good for what you want to do. Media Studio Pro might have a little steeper learning curve, but it will have a lot of functionality and extras…