Video Protection


Although it has been released for some time, I didn’t see any discussion about it, and I thought that other people can benefit from it too.
The new utility (better said feature) is called Tunebite. And this time the developers made it possible to by-pass drm protected VIDEO files, not only audio files.

Don’t know if this is the right part of the forum for such a post, but I guess moderators will move it if necessary.

Is it better than the latest Anydvd?

As far as I know Anydvd is concerned mostly with dvd-protections.
But Tunebite takes care of another segment of video files. The ones you dowload on the internet and are usually drm protected wmv’s. To be honest, I didn’t try high resolution DRM protected dvd’s…but as soon as I get one I will try it.

What kind of video files does Tunebite convert? I have some m4v’s to convert. Can Tunebite help me with those files?

Snapping_dog, Tunebite’s input format for videos is WMV or M4V and outputformat is eihter MPEG4 or WMV, MP4.
Have fun!

There you go…seems like other users found already the new video features. Still I would like to see it improve a little and higher resolutions too