Video out of Sync

I bought Nero 7 Ultra Edition in the store. Recently I downloaded the latest program versions for everything that was included with nero 7. Ever since I installed the newest version all of the video is out of sync with the words being spoken. Example… Someone speaks then 1 second later the you hear the words. This happens when I use Nerovision to edit. It doesn’t happen in Nero Showtime.
This did not happen before the update.

I called Nero tech support and the guy said to uninstall then reinstall Nero. It worked then I did a stupid thing, I wanted to try the newest update again. Now it’s worse then ever.

Dealing with Nero tech support is the worst. It takes them 1 1/2 weeks to answer my e-mails and the free tech support (the one you get for 14 days after purchase) stinks too. For 3 days I was tring to call them. Each time I’m on hold for an hour listening to their message untill I give up.

Please help. I’m beginning to think I made a big mistake buying Nero 7 Ultra Edition.