Video out of sync with audio in NeroVision

I bought Nero 7 Ultra Edition in the store and installed Nero with the installation disk. Recently I downloaded the latest program versions for everything that was included with Nero 7.
Ever since I installed the newest version all of the video is out of sync with the words being spoken.
Example… Someone speaks then 1 second later the you hear the words. This happens as soon as the file gets added to NeroVision for editing. It doesn’t happen in Nero Showtime.

This did not happen before the update.

The file extension is .dvr-ms (I am recording tv shows with windows xp media center)

I called Nero tech support and the guy said to uninstall then reinstall Nero. It worked. I then did a stupid thing. I wanted to try the newest update again. Now it’s worse then ever.

Please Help. NeroVision is unuseable.