Video out of sync - Vista

i have a sony n21s laptop running windows vista home premium with IntelGraphics Media Accelerator 950 with Total Available Graphics Memory of 224MB graphics card.
i also have both DivX and XviD codecs installed.

i have foundthat i play videos usually AVI ones the video/audio goes out of synce the returens to normal after a few seconds

also when i burn any video files using both Nero or click 2 dvd some titles go out of sync & do not return to normal

any idea why this maybe?

The makers of all capture devices, recommend having two seperate hd’s for video work. It is hard for a single hard drive to handle all of the functions and controls of running the system, it’s software and hardware, and also recording or playing back a video file. Yes it can work, but it sure isn’t recommended. Have you tried different video playing software??? You might also try booting to safe mode and try working that way. You probably have a lot of background crap running that is adding to your problems.

tried that no change, could it be a problem with the audio or video drivers?