Video on demand windows shrinking due to high profits



Video on demand windows shrinking due to high profits.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The still changing home entertainment industry continues to mature and develop as copyright holders and movie studios struggle to try and keep up.  Daily DVD/Blu-ray movie rental kiosks and video on demand (VOD) have helped turn the industry on its head, with studios now trying to prioritize physical disc sales and VOD over rental kiosks and Netflix.

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The idea of VOD is great, but until they can get it where I can watch Tennessee Tuxedo or Underdog, or some other barely remembered tv show or movie, not interested. The whole idea of video on demand was that you could watch anything, anytime, anywhere. Haven’t seen it materialize quite yet, but there’s still hope. I already have 200+ channels of crap on, I don’t feel the need to watch something I’m not interested in. Netflix and redbox will defeat the evil MPAA, because they will learn one day, what the American public already know. Sometimes cheaper, is better.


VOD is definitely the wave of the very near future. I would think that the studios would realize this and embrace it. I can see an enormous amount of profit in it, why can’t they?


Technology like Streaming audio video from Netflix and the like is a good supplement for people on the go or are just plain lazy.
Nothing like having a hard copy…
One only can hope the option of renting a video won’t go away in my lifetime. I’m 55 so I may not have all that long to see the rest of the AV/computer world trashed by Mr. Dollar (or whatever currency you use).

Remember who developed HDMI?