Video memory type

Hi all!
I’m window shopping for a new laptop, and I’m not clear on video memory type: one product says it’s “embedded”, another says “dedicated”. What is the difference between them, and what is preferable?
Thanks fot answering,


basically there are two types of video controllers:
Integrated (IGP): the video controller is part of the chipset (or even the CPU). Video memory is shared with the system memory. For some IGPs, a separate memory chip can be installed (for example AMD’s sideport memory) by the system integrator (not by the user!).

“Dedicated video”: There is a separate video chip installed, that also has its own memory. For higher demand, extra memory can be taken from the system memory.

What is better? Well, the answer depends on the personal needs and usage scenarios. For office/internet usage, the IGP is sufficient. Plus there is better battery life and less heat.


Just as the MOD says but knowing what your wanting to use the laptop for would games or apps would determine the price. Dedicated video will cost you more and with more ram as well will make it more expensive. But IGP works for the general masses unless your a gamer then you would have to spend more for a dedicated game laptop otherwise IGP will work for the rest.