"Video Library Management" software?

What’s best way to store family videos on computer ? AVI ? Ripped DVDs ? MPEG ?

I’m looking for software to help manage video library - ideally something where it would search hard drive for DVD, AVI, MPEG files and let me tag / catalog files

Would love to be able to search for “Christmas” and see all tags I entered for Christmas family videos, for example.

I guess Windows Media Player does this - but was looking for more capabilities.

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks !

XBMC, http://xbmc.org/

As for what’s the best format to store videos, it will depend on your idea of quality. A ripped DVD will take up more space but the quality will be the same as the original, DVD video is mpeg2. AVI, will save you some space with some loss of quality.

Thanks - I loaded XBMC - looks like it “takes over” the PC and screen (like Windows Media Center).

I’m looking for something closer to Windows Media player - but with the ability to:

  • Tag keywords on media files
  • Read DVDs
  • Make “aliases or shortcuts” of video segments (I have a bunch of large AVI files with a bunch of “video shorts” inside - ideally, I like to have a shortcut to click and to to that time segment of the big avi)

I’m a newbie - so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about in above…

Take a look at Media Player Classic Homecinema or KMplayer. Not sure about the “shortcuts” to video segments, never tried it.