Video jukebox

Hi everyone,
Tried doing on search on this one too but maybe I am doing something wrong. Well I go ahead and apologize if its been asked. My girlfriend has a whole bunch of karaoke dvds, when it comes times to swap my ass has to get up and swap it for her. I was thinking of ripping all of them to the hd I have 160 gig of space. That part I could and have done but the problem is how can play the movies. Is there a program out there to look at a certain video_ts directory and emulate as if its a dvd drive or better yet have and menu system to select the movies I want. My last resort is to get those 300 DVD changer, but I heard they are notorious for jamming.


use a cd/dvd emulator such as daemon tools, Cdmate
and without burning you will be able to play them on your hard disk.
it creates a virtual dc/dvd rom