Video issues

Hello folks,

I am having some issues and am hoping that someone can help me… I have some home movies on min-DVD’s that I have converted over to my computer (I believe they started as an .VOB extension and I converted them to a .MPG) using the program Any Video Converter. The audio is now off on them…

Is there another program I should be looking to use to help prevent this? Is there any programs that I can use to edit the audio on them (I’ve tried a few different programs with no luck)? Should I look into converting them from the DVD’s to an .AVI format?

Thanks a ton for your help!

What exactly are you trying to do with the video on your mini-dvd’s. WHat settings did you use for Audio with the Any DVD Converter.

I’m trying to put them on one DVD.

For the Audio, I am using the default settings.
Volume Control is set to 0 with the check box of Volume Normalization being selected.
Under the AAC Parameters, the MPEG type is MPEG-4, Object Type is Main. Under the MP3 Parameters, Encode has CBR selected, MP3 volume is set to default, VBR Quality is greyed out, Audio Quality is default.