Video is in a box on tv



Hi,on certain avi files i convert and burn to dvd,when i watch them the picture is in like a box on the tv screen…top and bottom borders are fine,and expected,but not 2 side borders also,as it looks a bit silly.

Anyone have an idea where im going wrong,or what the problem is?



I haven’t experienced that so I can only guess.

I assume you have the right settings on the player and TV since you don’t mention distortion. Then the problem may be an odd resolution in your original that ConvertX has to add black bars on the sides to keep aspect right for your chosen settings.

Your log of a problem session might give a clue if you will post it.


This can happen for many reasons, usually due original being widescreen SVCD or VCD.
These formats have encoded black bars on top and bottom, and ConvertXtoDVD has no way of knowing that those bars should be removed. SVCD/VCD resolution is square, so to fit that picture to DVD that picture must be stretched.

Check also that your DVD is not sending 16:9 to 4:3 TV or 4:3 to 16:9 TV.