Video interview: Conceptronic

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In this video interview we take a closer look at the new Full HD media player from 2L international, check it out now!

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Livia, you are too easy as a the one conducting the interview :slight_smile: I missed the fact the media players are mainly for Video where picture and music support is quite limited (on all of them, not just conceptronic) and partially have poor network performance too because of chip IO limits… The setup and such from the CFULLHDMA depicted here is also quite limited in some ways. The CFULLHDMA is a great product for the ones starting with media players (i’m currently reviewing it myself) but it still has some rought edges. It is a valuable product which i hope to see evolve in the near future. Downside of a company as Conceptronic is their expansion of products which tend to eventually limit the support on them too… Can’t foresee the future but for now, Conceptronic is ok in my books for the not so “freaky” users…

Clicked post too fast… More value in these products come in the future from integrating HDD and allow SMB sharing over them, get torrents down on them (like NMT), add web radio (good value) and eventually Blu-ray if slightly possible. Despite these players go thru life as “latest state of the art”, there’s still a wide road open for doing better and more and at the pace the market is going today, it won’t be for this year anymore… I consider the CFULLHDAM as a mid range product (detailed finishinf touches missing) and feature wise is “ok” for the average Joe (easier as most players but this is due to limitations applied partially). Grab a Grab ‘n’ Go and you’ll know what I mean :slight_smile: As said, the average users will have fun with it :slight_smile: Enjoy Hi-Jack

Still better off with a modded X-Box :wink:

xbox can only playback wmv format you BELLEND. :r