Video image is jumping!

Hi! I’ve just been trying to watch ripped dvd movie on my PC and the sound is great, but video image is jumping and kind a slow. I’ve checked the movie file with GSpot and it did not find any kind a errors. Do u guys have any idea whats wrong and how to fix that?
Thank you for your time

need more info…media brand, computer specs, burner type, authoring software, etc…

the more info you give the better the chance that someone can help you. what you described can be be caused by any number of things…

well, all I can say that I have Intel Pentium 2.4 with 512 of ram, I did not burn dvd myself so I don’t really know the burner type. the movie file is an .avi file and it is stored on my computer HD. and I was trying to watch it with windows media player.

so, let me know what else kind of info do you nedd guys? caz I really wanna watch the movie… :wink:

thought it was a dvd rip (.vob)…

try runing it through divfix. it sounds like you may have a slightly corupted file.

also…imho windows media player sucks. try using media player classic (non-microsoft product). it’s free and it rocks!!