Video 'harder' to read than Data?

Perhaps a dumb question, but I seem to get better read curves when reading CDspeed-created data discs than I do with Video material created with Burn-Now.

I guess it could be the burning program causing the difference, but isn’t Video data extracted off the disc in a different way than “regular” data ?

I know that many CD-Rom drives can read “data” much faster than DAE (audio info) - it must be similar for DVDs ?

  • Chris

Video Data gets burned to the DVD in the same way as other data, its just a bunch of files like any other bunch of files! When you burn a DVD movie all you are doing is burning 2 folders to a blank disc, one is an empty folder and the other contains your DVD movie files! No different than burning 2 folders to another disc, one which is empty and the other filled with 4 gigs of MP3’s, jpg’s, zip files, Single file installers etc!

I’ve even made DVD’s with a movie and a few games on the same disc! The games install from my DVD-ROM on my PC and the movie plays when put in my standalone DVD player!

As for extraction, the only difference would be the CSS encryption and Macrovision on DVD files need removing if present, once this is done you have data files just like any other files on your hard drive!

Try using Nero or RecordNow for burning and see if that makes a difference, until you try a different burn engine you won’t know!

Yep, there are no MODE 1 AND MODE 2 like for CD media…

The difference is that making a test disc in cd speed uses a constant data stream, while burning a data or video dvd usually involves a number of files of different sizes, so the burning process is less constant.