Video games, adrenaline, & high blood pressure

I have recently been playing Need For Speed Most Wanted on PC, it is a very fun game, but I have been experiencing some sporadic high blood pressure/heart racing symptoms as I am playing at times. Not all the time, but during some races, I don’t know if it is adrenaline, blood pressure increase, or both, but this has happened couple of times so far since I started playing the game about a week ago. I am googling video games and high blood pressure, but am getting vague results. I have a digital blood pressure machine, and was thinking of doing some before and after experiments. I think that it may just be a very intense game, my heart is racing, and even some adrenaline is flowing at times. I have been an avid video gamer for years, but never gotten a rush like this from any game before. It doesn’t seem to last long at all though, my heart was racing when I started typing this thread, and I’m almost completely back to normal now.

i think it’s normal that you have high blood preasure while playing NFS:MW, as you get angry while playing because of the f*cking cheating AI! :stuck_out_tongue:
just play Doom3 - with lights turned off and a loud sound system (and WIHTOUT any mod or cheat!) and you’ll see what REAL high blood preasure can feel like… :wink:

I think that does have alot to do with it. :iagree:

Pfff he should play FEAR with lights turned off and a decent sound system, preferably at night. Or maybe he doesnt want a heart attack? :bigsmile:

I have that game, and it scares the hell out of me…I only play it for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time every once in a while. LOL! :iagree:

well, i don’t know what you fear when you play F.E.A.R., but when i was playing this kiddie-game (it was @ night, starting late on friday, finishing it around 9 hours later, using audigy 2zs 5.1 EAX sound) it didn’t shock me as much as doom 3 did.
well, to be true, i have to say i was a little bit disappointed, as the FEAR-demo was great.
i think people that get afraid of “The Ring”-movies also are afraid of FEAR, but that’s not the kind of shocking which makes my pulse get high… :wink:

Probably so, though “The Ring” movies are not really all that scary to me. Not many video games have scared me, the only ones that come to mind are: Resident Evil 2 (PS1 I think,) Doom3, and Fear.

Well, i’ve just played some CounterStrike: Condition Zero and i can tell my blood pressure is about to explode!

Those f-ing bots with their f-ing auto-aim and f-ing ability to shoot through walls and doors while f-ing standing there and f-ing only needing one shot f-ing f-ing annoying. f-ing hell! And when my f-ing Seal wants to backup when is getting f-ing shot he magically transforms into a f-ing statue! Makes me want to kill some real f-ing humans! f! :a

I enjoyed The Ring very much, i liked the story. When the film ended, my phone rang… :eek: :eek:

when has this been? :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, without making ANY diagnosis of any kind ( you should always check with your doctor ), what you are experiencing is the adrenaline rush…it is perfectly normal during a game or any form of competition. This is NOT high blood pressure as in the illness. There is a difference between chronic high blood pressure and temporary peak in pressure. Our heart rate and pressure varies A LOT during the day, when walking, standing up, even after eating meals…What matters is that this peak of pressure is only temporary and returns back to normal during rest - So after finishing your race and getting owned, cussing a bit and shutting down windows your pressure will return back to normal and you won’t feel your heart race :smiley:
Of course if you play 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week, that’s a different story - there is no problem providing you have a healthy heart - if you have heart problems or other health problems then maybe you should do other things instead :slight_smile:

as far as Doom 3 - please don’t tell me that people are scared of this shi*te, honestly most of the time you spend walking in pitch dark environments with a bloody torch, cussing - because once you pull out your gun you don’t see the bloody monsters…scary ? Nah…try PainKiller Battle Out of Hell with headphones, 6.1 and full volume :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now see? :slight_smile: This is a perfect example of what will give you a heart attack, over time :wink:

boys…grow up stop playing kiddie games geeze go out for a run …try some exersise.

you just found one of my pet peeves :wink: they are not kiddies games

woah big feller! :flower: …watch that blood pressure…its just a game…turn it off…get some fresh air…hell why not go for a ride on your cycle… :bigsmile:


the first time i watched evil dead2 i was about 18 by myself and it was the middle of the night, got half way through the movie the bloody lights went out and the bloody house started shaking i near shit myself stupid tremors.

OMG you sound so much like a scared little girlie man… :bigsmile:

well thats the last time i tell anything

awwwww you know i’m just messing with ya…

yes, i understand. if i would play that less, i’d be a different person… :stuck_out_tongue:
esp. nice is the “365 days a week” - this will be long weeks, eh? :wink:

nah, Painkiller is like Serious Sam - this is a true fun-game, but not to be meant scary…