Video game spending up in 2011, says NPD



Video game spending up in 2011, says NPD.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The past few years haven't been too kind to the economy in general, and the same could be said for the video game industry. While gaming continues to make strides into greater mainstream acceptance thanks in part to the explosion of mobile handheld gaming and social networking titles such as FarmVille, it's simultaneously suffered from faltering overall sales - a sad and constant footnote to otherwise good news. Research firm The NPD Group reported this week that the trend could be reversing, with the first quarter of 2011 seeing increased spending over the same period last year.

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I would expect video games sales to go up for quite the while. It’s an ever expanding user base.

Video games really became popular in the 80’s. So basically anyone both in the late 70’s and later grew up with the video games. Any older then that probably thinks there for kids. I figure anyone who played them as kids aren’t going to give 'em up at the drop of a hat. They make alot of adult orientated games now as well.

So really You’ve got a long while before the children of the 80’s die off, but you keep adding new generations of kids to the customer pool every year.

It’s really wierd that line of generations before and after videos games existed, but the further we go time, the further that line gets pushed.