Video game resales could soon be illegal in US

Video game resales could soon be illegal in US.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Retailers who are in the business of selling used video games could find their doors shuttered in the future, thanks to a Court of Appeals ruling stating that software companies may prohibit customers from reselling products.

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They are getting more stupid by the minute…

All the more reason not to buy anything from companies like that.
And that is why I have been boycotting greedy companies who try and tell me how to use what I have paid a lot of my good money for and I have been doing it for years now I
Certain companies have lost thousands of my dollars which have gone to consumer friendly companies instead, and I bet they will have the audacity to claim in the future they have lost sales and it has to be because of piracy…MORONS !

that’s fucking stupid. There are quite a few people who make a moral stance to not use pirated games but won’t or can’t pay full price but will buy used these sort of laws will just shove them to the pirate market

Talk about stupid.

I can justify paying $20 or $30 for a used game but not twice that for a new one. Guess I better enjoy the collection of games I currently have.

On top of it, i also think it’s extremely stupid, because it will drive more people into illegally obtaining games. There is no worse between illegally purchasing it or illegally downloading it.

What’s up with these bloodsuckers?
If I want to sell my house,I sell my house…
If I want to sell my car,I sell my car…
If I want ot sell my tools,I sell my tools…

And now,there are morons who want to forbid me to sell my cd’s if I want to???Naaah,not with this dude…
This stupid ruling shows once again that the real power of a nation is not at it’s leaders hands anymore,but at the paws of the companies which pay their election campaign…

Holy…Words can’t describe how I’m feeling after reading this.

They can’t be at every garage sale . . .

Welcome to fascist corporate greed America my friends… no doubt supported by conservative-laden judges who do NOT recognize individuals’ rights to basic freedoms. How long will it be until it is deemed unlawful to sell your DVD’s and CD’s on eBay? Will they be confiscating the illegal booty from the public libraries as well? Remember when it was acceptable to share?

If it were to be RockStar, there’d have been no biggie…because it was AutoCAD; they don’t want anyone using their product that hasn’t paid full price for the support. Wonk, wonk, wonk…stay tuned more more liberal judges to say that this is right & justified. Sooner or later the ACLU will become involved…

I think it was probably more a pro-corporate anti-personal freedom conservative. (Okay… I’ll stop now or else I’ll get yelled at again : )

The eula of high priced application software and games and lower priced software shouldn’t be treated the same. These are two distinct niche markets and if software companies, especially the gaming industry want to piss off consumers more, they will have a much more rampant piracy problem on their hands than before. At least there is a second hand market for their producs which maintains some value over time… what this will do is kill ANY retail value for it’s products making them WORTHLESS to anyone else but the original purchaser… Meaning it’s sold at FULL RETAIL VALUE OR NOT AT ALL. In that case the way many people will afford it is to steal it for FREE. Therefore, companies lose as this will also make incentive for retail customers to stop buying. End users will not see much distinction between software, movies, music or any other media, they will treat them all the same, and this kind of ruling goes a long way to increasing the willingness of going the illegit route, IMO.

PC software has always been illegal for resale, well since probably since Windows95. Now console games are a whole completely different animal, because they have no copyright protection, it’s built in the hardware.

And for the gaming companies, do what I do. Don’t buy games until they hit the 10 dollar rack, unless it is an extraordinary game. I can think of maybe 4 games in the last 5 years, that I paid full price for. Show them bitches, who their daddy really is.

[QUOTE=trust2112;2545178]PC software has always been illegal for resale, well since probably since Windows95[/QUOTE] I’m pretty sure i can retransfer a full Office license.

Yes, you are the original owner, you can transfer from old pc, to new. But, you cannot have a copy on both machines, and be legal.

So when I get tired of an old game, I’ll just sell a bag of candy for $20 and include a free game.

[QUOTE=trust2112;2545178]PC software has always been illegal for resale, [/QUOTE]Not here. MS wished that also, but they were stopped by our highest court :smiley:

Greetings from Germany,

Awww…never mind…