Video game industry to have merry Christmas



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Is the video game industry recession proof?
At a time when retailers are struggling to sell merchandise leading up to Christmas less than one month away, video game makers have seen great success…

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What a load of piffle. Everyone KNOWS that the gaming industry has been devasted and bankrupted by piracy.

Oops, my bad, that’s only for the months when sales slump.


Well, I know I’m doing my part to help software piracy. The only thing that will save the game companies is Christmas and birthdays. Kids want games as gifts, so that’s what they get. You’re not going to give a cracked game to a kid for Christmas. You’re going to pay that overpriced $60 + tax.

Sony is having lots of problems right now with the PSP 3000 and its messed up screen. People are avoiding them like the plague.


I believe it. Gamers’ gotta have their games ! They are an escape like drugs…sales increase in bad times :slight_smile:
I don’t think the console industry has been hurt so bad by piracy. Yes there are MOD chips out there but XBOX 360 sells more games per console (attachment rate) than any console to date.
Game production is a huge investment and only the huge companies can afford it now. The point is that sales can be very good, but cost of game development and production is so high, that if they don’t sell very well it can mean financial disaster unless you are a HUGE company with cash to absorb the losses. Some predict that by 2010 there will only be a few major game publishers remainign in the industry: EA, Activision-Blizzard, MS, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft and a couple more.

I believe good XBOX 360 titles are well worth $60 considering the entertainment value and longevity factors. But $60 is a lot of money for most people, if you want 4 games… almost $300 with tax… CRAP !
And $60 is a BURN for a bad title.


If you MOD your X-BOX 360 Microsoft WILL KICK YOU OFF LIVE, all my friends have done it and been kicked, thats why their sale are good.


i’d rather just buy my games now, the UK goverment(bless em) have now made it law for the ISP’s over here to monitor and drop their customers in it if they download illegally. so i’m having to use itunes etc for movies/tv/music and can’t use torrents anymore!


More and more the goverment infrindge’s in are everyday live’s but don’t worry it’s for our own good. Government is the only bussness on the planet that produces nothing, spends more and more each year, no accountability for anything they do but grows bigger and bigger each year.