Video game consoles role in the high definition format war

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Hypnosis4U2NV used our news submit to tell us about this story at Reuters that touches on the impact of gaming on the blue laser war. Specifically, they feel that announcements at this…

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As we all know and addons just dont sell well; y alot of people dont know about it and also some people just too lazy, sony imo will win this war both in format and console but there momemtum is not that dominant as it once was

Also, XBOX360 does not even have the HDMI output port. I wonder is it going to break the rules and allow HD-DVD to be displayed through RGB or component video cable. Maybe you have to buy say HDTV pack 2 or one of the newer revision XBOX 360 with the port! Ahh they think they will be making 2x the profit!!
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Well I was considering an XBox360, but if the Playstation 3 offers Blue-ray at a reasonable price I am willing to wait.

Well actually the interim AACS license will allow HD-DVD or blu-ray to play over analog / RGB, for about the expected life of the 360 (at least until 2010). But I bet that’s a moot point, an external HD-DVD for player would likely have the HDMI connector on it.

I know of alot of people who use their gaming consoles as DVD players, so the use of the next gaming system as a possible a HD DVD or BluRay player is not so far fetched… Clearly, no one has the edge yet as MS has yet to release the HD DVD add-on and any software that will take advantage of it…