Video Freezes



both of my dvd drives on sony RX682 vaio freezes video on playback but audio continues. they both worked fine until recently. could this caused by settings? thanks


Hi Joeden, welcome!

This problem you are having could be caused by settings. To give you a clear answer, we need more information…

Like: What video’s are you trying to play? What software do you use? What codecs do you use? What OS do you use?

Could you perhaps post more detailled information? Then, we can help you out (I hope)… :slight_smile:


thank you dee-ehn for reply. I tried commercial off store shelf dvd’s which worked before. I have a sony vaio 2.2gb p4 120 gb hd 1gb pc2100 ddr-sdram hl-dt-st dvd-rom gdr8160b and pioneer dvd rw dv4-104 drives nvidia geforce2 ti 64mb display adapter the picture freezes between 4 - 6 minutes from start and audio continues sometimes for several minutes. it i tried the players that came with the machine and tried windows media player. thank joe den


Your hardware is up to scratch so it sould not be that (although getting the lasest Detonator drivers from Nvidea’s site might be a good idea), one posibility is to see what is running in the background when your’e playing the DVD’s.
Sometimes the computer gets a bit bogged down doing other things and messes up the video, when this happens it wait’s for the next “key frame” to come along and re-synchs the video with the audio (FYI for your pc, the audio takes practically no processing time to decode, but the video does).
If your PC is just too busy doing other things then it will miss even the key frames and the video will seem to hang untill it can find the next and it has enough time to decode and play it)

Try re-booting your pc, exit any non essential programs that start automatically and try again.

Hope this helps:)