Video freezes on and off but sound is smooth




I’m sorry if this an old newb question, but I’m trying to convert this avi to a vcd with some what decent video quality. Everything plays fine without any problems as long as my video bitrate is really no more than 900. If I go to lets say 950 I get occassional video freezes while the sound continues to play when I play it on my dvd player. On my computer it doesn’t matter how high i make the bitrate. Everything always plays smoothly with some kind of media player. I was told by somebody that its probably the through output of the cd and it plays smooth on my harddrive because it offers a faster through output. Is that the cause of freezing on the vcd because its possible my dvd player can only offer a certain read speed for vcds and thats why it can’t keep up with a higher bitrate?

Please forgive me if I sound stupid. =)