Video freeze using either dvdx or 1click copy

hello all, i’m a long-time music trader used to trading discs copied via my tascam, microboard, or hhb. i just started archiving movies. i have used both dvdx copy platinum and recently 1click dvd copy. my internal burner is the unit that came with my computer: hp 100j. recently i archived an episodic dvd and using either program, i found there were just a couple of places (in the entire 2 hour disc copies) that had a slight video freeze. the audio continues but the video will freeze momentarily and then resume. they occured at different places in each burn using the different softwares. it led me to believe i might just try a different burner so i bought (but haven’t yet installed) a plextor 716a. is this a common problem? is it generally the burner? the media? or the program? or are there slight imperfections in all burns due to other factors such as the amount of compression, etc? since i am new to this i always use the path of least resistance and always do the simple burn that adds the most compression but transfers everything on the master dvd. i haven’t yet selected just the movie to get less compression. i just discovered this forum. i imagine i’m asking redundant questions but thanks for giving a newbie help…or for guiding me to where i can get specific answers.

thanks for your help



Sounds like a media problem - give us more info on your system and the media including the MID code-


Dump the HP and install the 716. Get some made in Japan media from Fuji at Best Buy (8X DVD+R) and retest @ 4X. I would limit the maximum burn speed to 8X.

actually, i did install the plextor 716 as the burner and started using the hp as a read only. also i switched to inkjet printable ritek (4x) dvd-r from verbatim dvd+rw (which were the only discs my hp would use with dvdx) and my latest burns have been great. also i find that dvdx platinum is still a better program (for me) than the 1click copy. with the burns now more consistant and the fact that i can actually print labels on my movies instead of writing on them with a sharpie has made me very satisfied with the overall set-up. as a live music/concert trader the art of making covers and labels was as important to me as the music. now i’m at the same place with the films.

thanks for responding