Video forums go ballistic when I say: Why edit video at all


I have had my digital camcorder for 3 years now.
There is no need to edit video,
I just have my computer, skip over the offensive material or mistakes.

You just get more good video, when you are out shooting and shooting
as compared to sitting and sitting in front of a computer, bit fiddling.

This site locked the thread. Censorship…

Doug Pederson

I’d like to rant on. I’ll have to find the right forums.

How stupid is this??

I have made some good points for not editing.


could be out shooting and shooting
as compared to sitting and sitting in front of a computer, bit fiddling

Instead of wasting time here telling us it is a waste of time to edit video. :doh: :doh: :doh:

“telling us”
this form isn’t is it?

Should be a little more open, to the future of video, than that.

Shoot a lot of video, you get good with the camera.
Shoot a lot of video, when you are good with the camera, then look out.
The editing can come later, much much later.


yeah well whatever whatever

OK. I’ve read about 80% of the linked posts.
I have not viewed any of your video clips. (I just don’t want to!)
You sound like you probably could be a good “CAMERAMAN” so I will grant you that. Although, you still have a lot to learn.

In professional video, be it for movies or TV, the cameraman & the editor are not usually the same person. The cameraman may believe that almost every second of video he shot is great viewing while the editor will look at it and choose what the audience will see by filtering out the boring parts or even making it fit a certain time frame. Fine.

In amateur video, most people including yourself, may desire a more fluid and artistic result for showing to friends & family complete with titles, transitions, sound FX, backgound music, etc. Besides, the post-production can be a lot of fun in itself! The newer video-editing software available makes it very easy to learn and to get great lossless results.

You must be aware of that old joke about going to someone’s home and watching those boring home movies or even slideshows! The technology that exists today is available to make everyone’s home movies more concise and entertaining. Of course, if your main goal is to upload 2 minute clips to a web-site, then you are not interested in compiling a 1 or 2 hour DVD of your best stuff! Maybe later on you will be more interested in doing that. Stop saying there is no need to edit video!


I, being a Canadian, want to inform the world that idiots like SpectateSwamp are rare here in Canada. Please don’t think the rest of us are like him!

80% of the sites have, Locked, Suspended or Banned the posting
I won’t look at any of your video either. So we are even.
As a cameraman I’ve learned quite a bit and am still learning.
When you shoot lots ,you learn from your mistakes.
and none of them are real disasters.
The only boring stuff I shoot.
Is when nothing presents itself, I’ll often do a little practicing.

If you start cutting this and trimming that, you will leave a lot of memories behind.

There is no need for, my video to fit any time frame.

Maybe I should shut up. I’m getting banned everywhere.
The next post should be “Why are the edit types, going ballistic”

Digital editors are way way more worried about my file resolution than I am.

Editing is ok for: censorship and propaganda
Editing is ok for: telling stories (we are getting tired of “stories” and fabrications)
Editing is ok for: nice transitions from one scene to the next (don’t care)
Editing is ok for: Stitching a bunch of small clips into a big one (Why do that)

edit So continue as you are doing and become a better “cameraman”. I don’t post my video on any site anyway. I do it for me and my family only. Besides, they would be boring to you anyway.

I’ll save you another post titled “Why are the edit types, going ballistic”…
There are many different uses for the audio & video technology that exists and to limit your experience to just one use is IMHO narrow-minded. However, if YOU have no use for them, so be it. Don’t preach your gospel to anyone else. Others, in case you haven’t noticed, DO have a use for the other technology like editing their video clips.

Video editing:
It is NOT censorship or propaganda!
It may NOT be for telling stories. (What’s wrong with telling a good story?) If “reality TV” is what turns you on, that’s good for YOU. In most cases, to ME and many others, it’s boring.
I’m NOT leaving ANY memories behind by editing them. I still keep the original “uncut” footage.
Stitching a bunch of clips together into a big one??? That’s called “assembly editing”. People do that when working with a storyboard in the post-production stage to make a movie. Again, you do that only when you want to present your footage as a movie.

It is obvious that you have a lot of free time to go shooting. That is good for you. Of course the more you practice anything the better you should get at it. No one is arguing that point. You are 100% correct in that statement.

Some of us like to take our footage and do more with it other than just what the camera can do. We ENJOY editing it and making it appear like a Hollywood production, or just get rid of the boring parts. We ENJOY putting the final result on a DVD and show our videos to our friends and relatives. The point I’m trying to make here is this… to each his own. Do what YOU want with your video, and we we’ll do what WE want with ours.

C’mon, what did you expect from posting your original post in a video editing forum about “why edit video at all” anyway? I’m sure that if you posted something like, “Learn how to use your camera for better clips” you would not have been flamed like you were! Most of your advice for shooting video could have been helpful to other video newbies. Just remember that the way YOU use your video camera is NOT the ONLY way to use it and you will be better off. You need to understand that and accept it. Any form of photography can be (or transformed into) an artform. It’s also possible with audio like for music or a record of historic events. It’s up to the individual to decide how to use this technology.

The forums, are video forums, not forums for just video editors.
But they seem to be controlled, by the editing heavies.

It’s also narrow minded and condescending to assume, that all unedit video,
is unfinished Video and that it can somehow, be improved, by editing.

I shoot one short clip at a time. Most are quite good,
or at least, close to what I intended to capture.

Your right, that it is up to the individual, to decide how to use the technology (or not)
The editing gurus, are obviously so threatened by the idea of, not editing video at all,
That they try to muzzle it, Censor it, lock it, whatever.

As for Reality TV, there is nothing real about it.
I don’t want that C***, on my side, in this debate.

Hey Swampthing. Noone stopped you from posting your ideas. They just got tired of your “I know more than you do” attitude. Even the best photographers, have occasion to touch up or edit their photos. If they didn’t there would be no need for things like Photoshop, or the dozens of other Professional photo editing softwares. If there were no need for video editing, then companies like Pinnacle, Avid, Adobe, Sony, and dozens more, probably wouldn’t be wasting their time and money selling software for “Professional Video Editing”. There are times that no editing is needed, and there are other times where it is needed. For example, I have lots of home footage with ex-wifes and their kids, mixed in with my kids and stuff. With video editing software, I was able to cut out most of the stuff that was my ex and her kid and still preserve the fine memories of stuff with me and my kids (without losing any memories that my family would care about). If you way is good for you, great. Good for you. But it isn’t the way that the majority of people do things. So you go ahead and do your thing, and we will go ahead and do ours. That is what a democratic society is all about…

Now please find something else to do, besides try and push you ideas on people who have already heard them, and don’t care to follow them…

Look at the name of the forum. It is VIDEO EDIT SOFTWARE! Maybe you should find a forum for cameras or filming without editing or whatever it is you want to call it. But to come here and give people crap on a video editing forum because they want to discuss editing and not why they should not edit is pointless. Let it go.

What’s your opinion on films then, SpectateSwamp*? Are you suggesting that instead of going to a cinema and watching a two hour heavily edited collection of footage, I should instead sift through thousands of hours of unedited video myself? It’s possible that you may have some sort of coherent point buried underneath the utter garbage you’re spouting, but the fact you’ve taken up such a ridiculously extreme position and your “my way is the only correct one and anyone that disagrees is an idiot” attitude means that you’re little more than a rather pathetic troll. This is the reason why your threads are being locked - not because of any kind of bias amongst the forum moderators.

*Although I guess this falls under your “stories” clause that you squeezed into your ill-thought out argument.

Come on people, let’s keep if friendly. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion and we shouldn’t jump on them just because they can’t be swayed.

SpectateSwamp, going by your thread title and posts, I get the impression that you were expecting something like this to happen. Let’s not do it again okay.

ResU, I think you need to have a freshen up on our forum rules, especially this one:
“We do not allow: Rude and disrespectful behavior, whether it is to fellow members of this forum or the staff of this forum.”. Calling people names will not accomplish anything, except getting yourself banned. Let’s just stick to the facts in the future please.

Thread closed.