Video format H.265 approved - paves the way for 4k streaming

Video format H.265 approved - paves the way for 4k streaming.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The new video standard H.265 promises to deliver the same quality as we're used to with half the bitrate...

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If we’re all lucky there will eventually be some 100% free/open source encoder, perhaps an X.264 fork modded for HEVC. I imagine that might not happen for some time, though (if ever). Between the amount of time and effort it would take to write the software, and the fact that this, like many other MPEG/ITU videos, is crawling with patents, this may not be feasible at all.

But, it’s happened with other patent-encumbered formats, so anything’s possible.

There will be an x265 encoder/decoder free ware eventually. Give it 2 years or so.
It would be fantastic if they considered backwards inter operability when they develop these new products … but then, they wouldn’t get paid if everyone could keep their old gear, would they?