Video Files to DVD

Hello all, and thanks in advance.

I am looking for a really easy, preferably all in one program that converts my video files to dvd. I have user power producer before and it was great at this, but it’s the shonkiest program always crashing and stuff.

I’ve got all sorts of video files so looking for something that can handle it all easily.

What can you recommend?

TMPGEnc versions and its dvd creator tools.

What is your goal? Maybe you are going at it the hard way? This conversion is done automatically with programs that make ‘movie disks’ or ‘slideshow movies’ (where clips play one after another) Programs I use even for my official purposes at web design company : Nero, Roxio EZ Media Creator, WinDVD, Windows Movie Maker… and there are more.

For all in ones, TMPGenc is good, Ulead Video Studio, Ulead DVD, Adobe Premiere Elements, Vegas Movie Studio, Pinnacle Studio, and others. It all depends on what you require for capture, conversion, effects, audio, etc. If you aren’t sure, do some reading at, in the tools section, and in the forums, and see what folks have to say about each of these (and others), and then decide which is right for what you want to do. Personally, I would use any of the above with the exception of Pinnacle. But some people really like Pinnacle.

The easiest program I’ve found is ConvertXToDVD. It’s done everything I’ve thrown at it. As long as you have the correct codecs installed you should be fine.

I use this one witch is very nice too:
It has all the known video formats.

I’d recommend Nerovision Express v.3 or higher… pretty reliable, and it does quite a bit of “hand-holding” for you.

I used ConvertXtoDVD, it can converts any thing to DvD

Really?? :bigsmile: