Video files to dvd

Hey guys, now when you download a videofile, wether it be mpeg or avi or something, can you use any nero software to put that file onto a dvd and then afterwards just be able to pop it into your dvd player and watch it as if it were a regular dvd, perhaps even with some sort of primitive menu or, just that you pop it in and play, doesnt really matter, thanks guys.

Is this a legal download as in you paid for it?

yes sir, i paid for em, my provider doesnt allow me to use p2p, so i go legal on everything…

Ok well if your dvd player will play AVI format and such yes. If it won’t you’ll need Nero 7 or something to convert it to dvd format which will play on any player.

winavi is a good converter

Nero vision express which is included with the full versions of nero 6 or 7 will do it. Look for the make your own dvd-video option under nero smart start, then import your files and go through the steps of making simple menus. This will convert the video to mpeg 2 and produce all the nesasary suport files for a standard dvd video.

wow thanx guys, i don’t know which nero version i have on my pc off the top of my head rightnow, cuz i’m at work, but as soon as i get home im gonna have a look at all of that stuff you guys mentioned, and we’ll go from there, i’ll post back later to fill you guys in on either my succes or my failure, thank you guys again, till later, stay classy guys, and keep doin what you do, you guys r the best!

You can use Nero Vision which encode and burn the downloaded files (Add Video Files) in to your DVD disc and then have no problem playing it in your either PC or stand alone DVD player.