Video files left on computer after burning dvd?

Hey everyone, I have been using DVDFAB over a year now, and I was wondering if while I am burning if the dvd structure (or files) is saved to my hard disk? If I choose to just back-up the main movie will I have the main movie somewhere on my computer for x amount of time?..Or would the movie file just remain on my computer until I am done burning? Just wondering because I am running low on disk space and if there is a way to clear the already backed up disc files I would like to know how to find them etc.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate it!

If everything works normally and you have not UNchecked the “Delete temporary files when done” box in Common Settings, the temp files will be erased when you click the “Finish” button. You can keep them if you want to–I keep some that I am going to convert using DVD to Mobile–but just remember to put the check back in the box or your hard drive will fill up quickly.

You actually posted this in the DVD to Mobile/VideoFab sub-forum. Regular DVD to DVD issues should be posted in the main DVDFab forum for quicker responses.