Video File types R00 , R01 R02 etc

I have video R00 file types : how do i extract/convert them ?

These file types are usually associated with torrents. I would have to know what file you are trying to extract, how large the files are, etc. More information. Google may have your answer.:wink:

The files probably are .rar files and can be extracted with any compression/decompression utility that handles .rar format (most can at least decompress them).

Filesharing newbies, you gotta love them :wink:

Ok, starting at the top of the file list
Type: System Information File
Type: R00 File (14.3 mb)
Type: R01 File
R02 File
R03 Fileā€¦
Up to R48 File (there are 48 of them)

the penultimate file is a RAR. File
The last file is a SVF File
The above will give you the gist of how .rar files work