Video file format

I have Bearshare V 5.10 (same result with V5.25), no

router and Zone alarm V6.5.737 running on an XP

machine with dual core CPU and 1GB memory. For some

reason, any .avi file I download ends up as a Video

Clip format (what is this anyway). Any program I use

to play it only shows spiral lines and not the

video. I tried converting it to wmv and avi formats

using the program Super & ended up with junk. I

downloaded a file I downloaded a year ago which

played ok back then, but now ends up as a useless

Video Clip. Please let me know if this can be


Sounds like a Codec problem! Download GSpot and check to see if you have the correct Codec. There is also a quick start guide on the page, have a read of it and it will tell you how to use the program. :slight_smile: