Video Editing

hi guys wat a good editing program, somthing i can ad text and sounds with sorta like they do with ads on tv



You haven’t exactly given us a lot of information on what you want to edit. Is it MPEG2 or MPEG4?

oh sorry, um dvd and avi files


For “DVD” files (aka MPEG2), try Womble Video Wizard. A month’s free trial here:

Dunno about .avi that contains MPEG4…

There are numerous editing/authoring softwares. Everything from multiple individual programs for performing each individual step, to all in one programs/packages, which do it all. Go to, and check out the tools section, and read some of the reviews and guides for what you intend on doing. Some good packages are: Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Sony Vegas Movie Studio.