Video Editing

I 've got a TV tuner card and i’ve been using it to record the simpsons. then i get the files (Mpeg) and split them to remove the ads before burning them to dvd. At the moment to remove the ads i’m using the multi trim video function in ulead dvd movie factory 3 se however this takes ages because i have to keep putting start pionts and end points arround the ads so when i burn it the ads get skiped. Is there any better way to do this. Is there a program that lets you cut and paste video like how nero wave editor does for audio? I have Nero 6, Ulead VideoStudio 7 SE DVD, Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 SE, Sonic My DVD. will any of these programs do this? Are there any other programs that will do this? i dont require a program to burn the dvd just to edit the files