Video Editing Software

Basically, I am a college student and one of my subjects is Media Studies. Next week the class is starting a project in which in pairs, we ‘attempt’ to create a theatrical trailer for a made up film in which we have to star. I dont know what type of shots I am to include yet but I have been reading on another forum about using green/blue background to separate the people from the background, and apply the result to another video. I have heard that this tool is called ‘difference matte key’. I currently have a 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere but am inexperienced with this software and so do not know if it supports this tool.

Can anyone tell me:
a) If it does.
b) How do I use it?
c) Are there any other good video editing software which I can use in the production of my trailer. I heard after-effects being mentioned. Is this a good program?

Thank for reading (Sorry about the length)

I don´t know how much time you have to do the project, but HOW you do it depends on how serious you are and if you want to learn anything…nobody can do this for you.

First of all Adobe Premiere is excellent software…learn to use it. I suggest you get a buddy who has a few clues about it or someone who has used it…a quick personal tutorial should get you started. Otherwise look for online tutorials…try google with something like “adobe premiere tutorial”…

Hopefully you already have a computer and LOTS of HD space. You will also need a lot of time…some stages of working with videos requires more time than you might expect…particularly a stage called “rendering”…it may run on some machines for 20 minutes and on others overnight (obviously also depending on how much data your video contains).

As for the trailer itself…my favorite is the trailer made for the first SAW movie. Actually it wasn´t the final trailer…rather it was the short promo film James Wan made when he finished film school to show potential producers (sometimes called “SAW 0.5”)…it certainly worked. He got a pile of money to make his first feature film…which went on to become highly successful. Pay attention to things people like this do. View lots of trailers…check out YouTube.