Video Editing Software?

Hope it’s ok to ask this here? It’s not really about CD’s/DVD’s…but I’m looking for an inexpensive software program to make video montages and burn short videos from digital cam to DVD. I have MovieMaker, but it’s an old, old, old version and doesn’t let you customize anything. I’ve also tried Power Producer and I’ve got some Nero program. None of them let me do much. I want to be able to play around with transitions, create title pages, customize buttons, the whole nine yards…oh - and I want it to be simple to use. I don’t ask much do I? HAHA! Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks!

(My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition and the burner I’m using is an LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter, incase it makes a difference with the software)

You want the whole bunch, then you better study on Adobe Premiere, otherwise you’ll stick to Nero Vision or Windows Movie Maker 2.

Not at all. I’d say you are just asking for Paradise and demanding it to be delivered at your door with no cost. And by no means this can be considered too much…
You want both a video editor and a DVD authoring programs, or one that can do the complete job.
Adobe Premiere couldn’t and would require you to get also Adobe Encore, but Adobe should have listen to you and is now selling Adobe Premiere CS3 Pro that integrates everything to match your desire…just the special effects continue to require you to get also Adobe After Effects CS3 Pro in order to do everything at top level.
Easy? that’s the sad side of life…the learning curve is quite demanding and time consuming… just a pitty!!!

Now, no kidding:

I don’t know wath you consider expensive, but video editing software changed quite a lot and you can find packages that allow you to play with video editing and DVD authoring in an interesting way, at a consumer level.

Look for Ulead VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Magix, Vegas Studio (? - not the full/expensive edition).
To help your decision, visit:
Good luck

weazel_k you need [B]Scenarist [/B] it will do everything you are looking for and even more! There is also a few Tutorial DVD’s included with the package they are not hard to follow so it shouldn’t take you long to be up to speed using it like a pro.

Well…I get by with Premiere Elements…about $100

Forgot Premiere Elements, that’s in the same league as the ones above and a product to check…as some others.
coathi indicates a good one - maybe a bit to the expensive side and with a considerable learning curve, as it seems to be meant to professionals, or is there a new reduced edition to people at Earth?

The above comments on software are good. You could also look on ebay, and buy Vegas 6 + DVD, which is a one off on the current version. It will do everything you want and much much more. Same can be said for Adobe Premiere. I suggest you download some trial softwares, and see what works best for you. Some folks love Adobe, some love Vegas, and some love Scenarist. Then others love Ulead DVD Workshop, and a host of other softwares. I have tried many, and I mostly use Vegas 5, which I got on ebay for a very good price. It does everything that I want to do. I also have Adobe Premiere 6.5, which is very good, but I find that for what I do, the workflow in Vegas is better for me.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. :slight_smile: I’m off to download some trial versions and see what I like before I buy.