Video Editing Software Recommendation

I compared creating a DVD from my SONY DCR-SR100 camcorder using:
i) Adode Premiere Elements on highest DVD quality setting
ii) SONY’s software which came with the camera (“Image Mixer for HDD”)

The picture definition was noticeably better with the SONY software. It also was better when the image was moving.

What video editing software do you recommend for use with this camcorder?

Thank you.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 5/6 work very well with this camcorder but are not cheap. Try Ebay for a less expensive version 5 since 6 is now the standard. Version 6 has a free limited trial.

Power Director is a very basic Video software, as is Nero. If you would like to know user preferences for softwares, check out sites such as, or There are varying opinions of what is good. Many people believe that something is good, because that is what they use, and they don’t know that better programs exist.

Everything boils down to what is your source, and what do you want to end up with. If you are capturing as DV-AVI, Adobe Premiere, is actually a very good software. If you are capturing as MPEG, it isn’t so good. If you are working with MPEG video, check out the tools at Most folks there, like Womble Mpeg software, but there are others which are good. In my opinion, and the opinion of many of my fellow video editing buffs, Power Director is substandard… But if someone has it, and likes how it works, good for them…

The SONY DCR-SR100 camcorder only outputs mpeg-2 not near the quailty of raw Dv, Have tried numerous software with THIS camcorder, what has been the most flexible and given the best results has been the cyberlink products I mentioned.If someone else has used THIS camcorder and made DVDs with other software that gives great results please post.

Have you tried Womble Mpeg. It is highly recommended at, as one of the best mpeg softwares. Personally, I can’t say, as I work with DV-AVI conversion.

Yes, did the trial, unless there has been a change it did not(at least I could not) output the 5.1 audio the SONY DCR-SR100 camcorder captures, so I tried a few more, still find the cyberlink works the best. Having said that I did like Wombles product.


What’s the difference between MPEG-2 and DV? Does DV have better resolution?


What’s the difference between MPEG-2 and DV? Does DV have better resolution?[/QUOTE]

Just different forms of video. All serve different purposes. Check out wikopedia, and enter the various mpeg2, dv, avi, etc, and it will explain it for you.