Video Editing Problems

Hey People, I’m not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I need some serious help. I just purchased a new sony HDD camcorder. I am really into video editing and the problem I have is windows movie maker will not edit the MPEG-2 videos. I really dont want to have to convert the file into another file in order to edit my videos. Also, I want a really good video editing program that is either free or cheap. LOL. Anyway, here is the product number on the camera (DCR-SR100). Let me know what you guys think. Thanks


Mpeg2 is not the best format for editing, especially if you are looking for “free or cheap”. You might want to look at some of the programs made by Womble: or Pegasys:

How elaborate are your editing needs? Do you just need to cut out sections or do you want fade-in, fade-out, filters, and other such tools? Do you plan on authoring the mpeg files to dvds with menus? Give us an better idea of what your final goal is going to be and you’ll get more complete answers.

You also might want to check out for more information.

To expand on what Kerry56 wrote, if you want to capture as mpeg2 that is fine, as long as you are only adding a motion menu, or other small items, and then author to dvd. But if you want to use effects, make intros and trailers, and do any kind of editing or filtering, it is best to capture as AVI or DV-AVI. You can do these things in MPEG, but it just isn’t quite as easy or as good. If MPEG is all ya got, then go to and look into the different mpeg editors.

Hey, Thanks for the input guys. I tried out that womble program and it works really good. I love the editing features. You were wondering how serious I was into editing. To answer that, I’ll just let you know I’m about to attend film school. Also, the only problem I had with that womble program is that it will only save into a dvd format. Is there anyway that I can just save it to a movie file too, because I like to upload alot of my videos to the internet. Thanks again

There are programs that will do almost anything for a price. Check out, and