Video Editing Laptop?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m looking to get a new PC (laptop preferably but desktop would be ok too if needed) that would be a straight broadcast quality video editing/3d workstation. I dont want a mac and i’d like to keep it around $2500 or under. Can anyone suggest anything specifically? I’ve been looking around, but everything always leads to a mac it seems (i know i know).

Thanks in advance.

I’m a desktop person more than anything but if i were buying a laptop, at the low-end, i’d get this one: Toshiba a505-S6033. I would swap the HD for a 7200rpm though. BB is selling it for $900.

Good suggestion about the faster HDD

I would also want to have heaps of RAM, and spend some of the money on dual flat screens which would make the job a lot easier on the eyes.
Don´t forget that good software for this is very expensive…check out Adobe Premiere, and maybe their forums where you can see what other heavy users are using for hardware.

i already have the software so im not worried about that. .my budget is under $2500 for laptop alone… and i would be getting at least 1 large screen monitor to hook up to it… i really didnt think a lower budget laptop would really help with editing video and 3d tho… your saying this toshiba would work for $900? i find that hard to believe…