Video editing and conversion?



on some dvds i have is there a program where i can record parts of them??
i have fraps registered but can i like convert into dvd,.avi.mpeg, etc… to conserve space because fraps uses craploads of space for movie clips.

do i just need a new recorder all together?
and what is a good encoder to convert to mutliple forms?


also im looking for a good dvd player

im thinking of getting this one because of basically all the support of files (divx, xvid,jpeg, etc…)

my 2nd question is:
how do i burn movie files onto a cd so the dvd player plays them like a dvd.
im not talking miniDVD, vcd, or svcd isnt there some other way?

3rd: what format do i burn for dvd to put say like 3-4 divx,xvid movies onto a dvd.


I don’t know what fraps is, I use Womble MPEG Video Wizard to get parts of DVD videos.

A good encoder I use is Ulead Visual Studio.

CDs aren’t DVDs so I don’t know what you mean there.

You can burn Data DVDs with most applications for varied formats but most players won’t play many formats.


Afterdawn has a nice list of guides. And the Phillips 642 will play the top of a soup can if you put it in the drawer.


yes i was going after that Phillips 642.


okay ive got Womble MPEG Video Wizard but can i just stick a file in the input and record and place it into the output?? im having some trouble figuring out how

i just wanna record parts of movies


im just looking for a program say that i can play a movie and lets say f9 is the hotkey for record. i hit f9 to start a record of the clip and then hit f9 again to stop. fraps does that but it uses MEGA memory and cannot be converted


Just drag the correct vob into the workspace and you can adjust start and end by adjusting the bar and choosing trim left or trim right. Then record and you can save it with the same encoding or use the template or make a new one.


if you want to cut out parts of regular dvds try Chopper XP. Once you get the dvd ripped to your hd, it will allow you cut out segments.