Video-DVD, VCD, Codecs stuff

Hallo thar. I got some doubts.
I try to make a Video-DVD and VCD with Nero with some wmv files but it gives an error at the end saying something about the codecs. When I put it on my DVD (an Airis L103 E, which reads VCD, DVD, DivX, etc) it says “Error codec” or "Unknown codec (or something like that). The videos are from this site - - I tried to convert it to DVD files but it, again, gives an error (about the codecs, I guess). I’d really like to watch them on TV, but I can’t! Can someone help me?

Many thanks!

A codec is a small piece of software that allows your computer and the software on it to know how to read a particular type of media file. You have to have diffrent codecs installed for every diffrent type of media file you want to play/convert. I would search for a wmv codec and install it. That should fix your problem. I am still learning about codecs myself so I can not give a particular recomendation but perhaps someone else can if you do not find it searching.

Intall it where? On the DVD? O_o

No not on the dvd. You will still have to convert it to dvd(which uses mpeg2) or vcd or svcd or something that your standalone player can play. You install the codec on your computer. Then any programs you use can access that codex and will know how to read the file. I think that the codecs that I have installed were self installing so to speak. In other words, you would run the codex install file and it will install the codec just like you were installing software or something. Once the codex is installed, any software on your computer should be able to use the codex. You can then use a program to convert the files and you should no longer get the error.
I recently asked about codec’s my self in this thread.
Maybe the links in it will help you find more info (like I said, I’m trying to learn more about them myself).