Video DVD-R plays on DVD Player but not DVD Burner

I burned a video DVD onto DVD-R media using Nero on a Plextor PX-716A. Data verification completed successfully, but when I put it into the Plextor drive or my laptop’s DVD drive, neither of them can read the DVD! Yet, I can play the video DVD on my Apex DVD player. I’m thoroughly confused as I would expect at the very least that the Plextor could read the DVD it burned (especially since it was able to successfully verify data). Help, please? TIA.

Enable Auto-Insert-Notification.

I wish that were it. Auto-Insert Notification is already enabled.

Can you get to it by going to My Computer, and double clicking on the drive with the dvd in it…

Daft question as you haven’t mentioned it in your first post. What software are you using to play the DVD? Do you have a software DVD player like Power DVD?